Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Alex Cross" Mini Review

I watched the new Tyler Perry film, "Alex Cross," on behalf of Cinema Junkie. But it wasn't worth writing a "full" review. So I'll give a few of my thoughts here...

Matthew Fox steals the spotlight in this film, playing an assassin by the name of Picasso. He is the exceptional element in an otherwise unexceptional story. It is a shame his work is wasted here. As Picasso, Fox is ruthless, exacting, highly intimidating, and imbalanced in all the right ways. His body matches his character perfectly -- he looks like his life is exercise. Eating, resting, sex are all secondary to becoming a master at his craft of assassination and manipulation. And that's only based on his appearance. Everything works together wonderfully with Fox in the shot. The film would be a vast improvement if we only followed Fox and forgot about the attempt at a story that happens around him.

While this is a let down of a film and a waste of a great villain, we see the promise of Fox and his potential to grow beyond his character on "Lost." There is hope.

World War Z is now in post production, and Fox a member of the cast. I'm excited to see how he develops from here in a film that should pull a lot of public attention.

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