Monday, October 22, 2012

My Professional Work Thus Far...

I was considering posting all of my previous KPBS stories in separate posts. But that doesn't make sense. I have other things to do. So I'll provide you, my wonderful readers, with my KPBS page, where you can see all of my film reviews, interviews, and news stories. And you get to see my terrible staff picture. Also, a very short list of my favorite works thus far...

My favorite film review: Well, I still can't tell anyone about this movie as it has not yet been released, and I'm sworn to super secrecy by the film promoters. But trust me, it's good. I'll keep you posted.

Second favorite is "Killer Joe." This film's end, along with the audience's reaction, is absolutely one of my best film going experiences thus far. I've been craving "K Fried C" ever since.

My favorite interview I produced was a 40-minute discussion on atheism in the United States and San Diego. I'm a little embarrassed of my writing, but it was still a great segment. Special thanks to one of the best professors at SDSU, Dr. Rebecca Moore.

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