Monday, October 29, 2012

"Cloud Atlas"

In its first week, "Cloud Atlas" has flopped in box office earnings, grossing a measly $9.4 million -- falling behind "Hotel Transylvania," and being trampled by another Warner Bros. picture, "Argo" (directed by and starring Ben Affleck). 

Still, I think it's worth seeing. You can read and (for the first time ever) listen to my review of the film here

Atlas' poor earnings shouldn't be a surprise, though. It's a three hour, R-rated film that can't reveal what it's about unless you sit through the whole thing. The trailer doesn't give the audience much information. My guess: it will be slow to get public attention, but it will get there. Word of mouth, and random appearances by Tom Hanks might just get "Atlas" the traction it needs.

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